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Acrylic Storage to the Rescue


In the spirit of fresh starts via welcoming 2014, I have decided to set mental goals for both personal and professional undertakings including organizing my ridiculous beauty collection. As generous press samples come my way I often get a bit overzealous and use products once they arrive at my doorstep but forget I have them and end up with a pile of once or twice used lipsticks and such. As one can imagine, with weekly new arrivals my collection could win in a head to head battle against my daughter’s Disney princess memorabilia.

Since purchasing my first Muji case over 3 months ago, I’ve been eyeing the website to buy more acrylic storage. If someone representing Muji is somehow reading my blog, Please open a boutique near me! I know they just opened a shop in Hollywood but the traffic alone makes online shopping a more attractive option. Just yesterday, Fedex delivered the 5 drawer acrylic unit that I stacked on top of my 3 drawer unit and I am in love all over again!


The ease of seeing products lined up and in an easy access counter top place is a world of difference between opening multiple train cases. Acrylic storage makes such a difference for someone with a beauty collection as large as mine for easy compartmental organization and visibility; it is a total priority in my book.

Also a great find is a clear 6 compartment open unit that I found at Target over the last few days. It was labeled “medicine cabinet organizer” or something to that nature in the home/bathroom section. I purchased one for under $8 on Friday with the intention of cleaning up my bedside makeup removal station and liked it so much I went back on Saturday to purchase another one! I now have one that holds cotton, a cleansing water from Dr. Brandt that I am testing out, Ahava’s Eye Makeup Remover, Creme Abricot cuticle treatment from Dior, Muji Cotton and a few other tidbits next to my bed and one that I placed on top of my Muji Cases on my bathroom vanity with complexion, lip balms & eye makeup products.


Next on my organizing agenda is to save for 2 more Z Palettes & 1 more Vueset!

3 Cheap-Chic makeup storage ideas

Researching some favorite beauty experts on social media, my inspiration to get into organization overhaul has brought me think creatively to maximize space, make my beauty collection more accessible and keep a visually appealing retro-fancy-quirky feel that I favor.

Working in the beauty industry for many years, I’ve been fortunate to have the great perk of trying multiple brands. Recently, I cannot say how grateful I am for the amount of products coming my way which prompted my inclination to create some stylish solutions.

Although there is still a to be continued for my product storage, there are a couple small budget ideas that I’ve put into play that I would love to share:

1. Recently, I picked up 2 Apothecary jars from a closing sale at a nearby beauty shop for only $5 each and decided to stack them since the clear glass and wide bottom offered a great spot to display my beloved lipsticks. For extra stability, I put a small mirrored plate that I bought at the Dollar Store between the two jars and oddly enough, I found a similar stacked apothecary jar at West Elm but for $34 a few days later!

 Image Image Image

2. Upcycled glass jars make excellent makeup brush holders for their functional sizes, unique shapes and are easily revamped with old pieces of fashion jewelry. Currently on my vanity there are six jars that house all of my brushes and hard to store makeup items like mascaras and eyeliners. Pictured is a revamped coconut oil, Ranch dip and candle jar adorned with a retired bracelet and headband.  Just add Gorilla Glue!

Image Image

3. I’ve also been loving this photo frame holder I found at Homegoods for only $4.99. It was missing a little piece at the front but I used an old crystal Hello Kitty inspired bow from a phone case to add an interesting detail. At the moment it holding a few of my Zpalletes. Photo frame holders like this come in a huge variety and are perfect for adding life to a small counter top.


Do you have any DIY makeup storage ideas?

Current relationship status: in love with false lashes

False lashes and I have been in a love/hate relationship for the past eight years.

From age 18-22 I had a major romance with false eye lases as I’ve always been a fan of over the top glamorous makeup; most likely from my pageant days and adoration for luxury beauty ads. On minimal makeup days, I loved to pair my huge false lashes with no foundation and a bold colorful lip. Even during my pregnancy, false eyelashes made me feel just a little bit more fabulous than I felt on exhausting days juggling school and work.

Experimenting with different lengths was especially fun when working behind the makeup counter but I gradually grew bored with the chore of applying them every morning.

Since then, I occasionally rocked a pair of lashes but luckily my natural lashes were easily boosted with my what seems like a lifelong supply of Dior Lash Maximizer and Mascaras from working with the legendary mascara brand for so many years.

Lately I’ve succumb to some frequent lash cravings. Yes, lash cravings! Going a little bit crazy on rebuilding my false lash stash with some amazing brands: Ardell, Japonesque, Eyelure and a new discovery True or False Lashes.

Today I’m feeling the false lash love, let’s see about tomorrow.

My current stash excluding a few pairs on top of my vanity: