5 Quick Outdoor Makeup Loves

Extra bright sun and a lunch picnic with my mini me today called for quick no makeup-makeup with a punch of pink on the lips. Yes, I may have a slight obsession with bright lips but this 82 degree SoCal weather is another lovable excuse to celebrate brights year round. With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, avoiding anything resembling a retail store is my idea of a relaxing dayoff. We split a peanut butter sandwich, tangerines and a couple of chocolate covered vanilla ice creams. Pretty idea Tuesday afternoon, right?

Today’s Beauty Line Up:

photo 2-11

1. Supergoop CC Cream Daily Correct Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Sunscreen in Medium to Dark Self Adjusting Shade. This is an easy, non-irritating sunscreen that gives a sheer skin-like even tone to the complexion. The texture is quite rich so a minimal amount is perfect to dot on the high points of the face; just blend with fingertips. It’s the perfect no-fuss way to protect the skin while looking polished. As an added bonus this dries down to a natural matte finish and can be used as a primer for foundation if desired.

2. L’oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush in shade Soft Peach adds a flush of soft rosiness to the cheeks without looking like makeup. Though this is a pocket friendly priced beauty item, this is certainly a velvet soft-to-touch cream consistency that is comparable to a few high end counter parts. Today, I tapped on a small amount to the center of the cheeks and put the excess on my lips to give a quick stain.

3. Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex is a skin lifesaver! I adore the cool to touch rollerball applicator and the organic aromatic essential oils it imparts onto the skin. On most days, I swipe this over the entire face and let the ingredients soak act as a barrier to lock in my other skincare products. I’ve also found great use of this when rolled on the lower eye contour. It give a bit of a glow which camouflages any signs of fatigue.

4. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in shade Jilted. Of all my Urban Decay Lipsticks, this is the least used shade since it is quite a unique neon duo chrome finish. This is an I want to be noticed, ‘look at me’ shade which brings immediate life to a tired complexion. This satin lipstick is full coverage, long lasting and adds intrigue for a basic no makeup-makeup day.

5. I feel I don’t give enough love to my eyeko mascara collection. The Skinny Brush Mascara is everything a thin lash craves for a more voluminous, lengthy eye look. The packaging is genius especially since I despise mascara tubes that dry out in a month and the brush is the perfect ratio of long and short bristles that grabs ALL of my eyelashes.


*Urban Decay Jilted, no filter just a flash.

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Who says pink is only for summer?

A rich bright pink can easily perk up a makeup look and the cool tone of Nars Audacious Lipstick in ‘Michiyo’ is the perfect balance between fashion and sophistication. Of course summer is the season to whip out the brights but paired with a warm brown or diffused grey eye makeup, this gorgeous Nars hue is a fun alternative to the expected wine and red lip colors that always make an appearance in fall makeup collections. Read more about my thoughts on ‘Michiyo’ by reading my review on Examiner.com here.

No Filter just a flash taken on my iPhone.
No Filter just a flash taken on my iPhone.

I purchased this lovely lipstick in Beverly Hills and caught a pretty cool free lipstick case engraving promotion  at the Nars counter there. Now I just need a vintage lipstick holder to keep the matte black looking fresh! (I also bought a second lipstick for my mom in a more muted coral shade ‘Jane’ & got it engraved with her name.) The flash makes the lipstick appear glossier than it is in real life. The Audacious lipstick formula is best described as a natural satin finish – somewhere between matte and satin.

All images are taken with no filter, just a flash on my iPhone.
All images have no filter & taken with just a flash on my iPhone.

Happy Friday!

Hate Foundation? Try these

I just wrote an article for Examiner.com featuring “5 Foundations for people who hate foundation.” Find out which products made my list by clicking here!


It’s finally a little cooler in SoCal meaning skin may show patches of dryness. Be sure to prep skin with a good moisturizer before applying foundation or try adding a drop of my current obsession, Marula Oil to foundation for a healthy glow. Adding a drop of oil to foundation will also give thicker textured foundation formulas a good slip necessary for seamless blending. Dryer air increases signs of an urban grey cast on the skin so give the complexion a radiance boost by regularly introducing and exfoliant two to three times a week.

Happy foundation hunting!

Confessions of a secret worrier

Today, my beautiful daughter hugged me and said ‘Mommy I’m thankful for my teacher and you and daddy, also Im thankful for my baby cousin Tinei and that you always teach me that girls can do anything. I love my mommy because she works hard and I see it.’ My heart melted and I wanted to cry because I’ve been feeling discouraged, frustrated & stressed lately and this little girl – my world, is telling me that she loves me through the challenges floating around in my mind. Of course, I secretly cried on the way home in the car but regrouped and remembered that sometimes it takes a humbling moment like a 5 year old wearing an indian head-piece complete with feathers to say the one thing I needed to complete my day.

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving!

6 things I am thankful for:

1. My husband supports me with all of my crazy dreams.

2. My daughter’s innocence and honesty are my constant source of happiness.

3. I have a family that knows me and love me even when I don’t admit it.

4. There are so many people in the beauty industry that share a mutual respect and love for what I do.

5. My lipstick collection – because it makes me happy.

6. That I’m young, ambitious & have a lot of connections.

You know you're a makeup artist when your daughter puts eyelashes on everything!

You know you’re a makeup artist when your daughter puts eyelashes on everything!

My Personal Makeup Removal Routine

One of the most asked questions I often get asked is about makeup removal and how I take care of my skin. Click here to check out an article I wrote for Examiner.com about my current product loves for a good deep clean!

Processed with Moldiv

This is a #nofilter look at my skin after a full day of makeup and red lipstick wear.

Work Work Work

Here are a few iPhone snaps of some recent work; enjoy!

Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos
Makeup by Rochelle Delossantos

Google Me… or not

A recurring theme in the last few weeks of my working life has been the debate over making connections, more specifically in terms of the idea of a public self.


My public self is quite visible. Google my name and an assortment of editorial articles, blog posts and pageant photos from my early college years pop up – none of which I am ashamed of. I worked my butt off literally to look and act as a community leader confidently sharing my service working with various local organizations to earn scholarship money which contributed to earning my Bachelor’s in Communications. My editorial relationships with Public Relation Firms and beauty brand creators has further fueled my reputation to maintain my authority as a beauty expert and I’ve even landed jobs thanks to contacts made via blogging connections.

Thousands of people read my writing weekly and hundreds of people follow my instagram because they have interest in my point of view which boils down to my public self. In real life, I blurt out a cuss word maybe once a year, drinking is not what I do for fun, I don’t smoke, my religious viewpoints don’t take over my timeline and I have one tiny tattoo that is always hidden when at work. I work very hard to make sure that my private and public self reflect my true persona and that what you see is my reality.

In a conversation with a personal client, a few generations my senior, she mentioned that she wanted to protect her public self but in my experience, the road to paving the career of my dreams has been deeply impacted by making myself known publicly.The only thing I keep hidden is photos of my daughter and beyond that my life is an open book by choice. So this my friends makes me wonder, why should I feel bad for having a public self that matches my private self?

September already??

Since August is my favorite month, I’m going to pretend it’s not September and rewind with some beautiful memories via a photo heavy post. More details to come!

photo 3

Me discovering the perfect lighting at The Grove in LA.

photo 2

Post a beautiful blowout with celebrity hair stylist Nicholas Cole.

photo 3

Celebrating summer with the skincare queen of Beverly Hills Sonya Dakar. (& my lovely sister)

photo 1

Previewing the new Beautyblender Sur.Face Pro in LA.

photo 4

Getting a fresh cut with Bastian, Owner of Bastian Salon in Artesia.

photo 3

Chatting with Brett Gallagher, Cover FX Senior Education Manager & Vic Casale, Chief Innovation Officer of Cover FX in West Hollywood.

photo 2

Discovering the amazing Cover FX Mattifying Anti Blemish BB Gel.

photo 1

 Hanging out in the Make Up Forever Pro Loft in LA.

photo 1

 Gifting myself with a gorgeous Smashbox palette for my birthday.

photo 2

 Makeup swatch marathon with my mini me.

Hello 27

A bit delayed because I literally have had zero time to myself but I thought I would do a quick reflection on what’s been marinating on my mind lately. Birthdays always bring me into reflection mode and ignites my motivation to come up with new adventures to conquer. Last week, I celebrated my birthday low key with family and friends with a few of my favorite things: sushi, ice cream, hill top dining and sweet birthday hugs from my mini me.

I challenged myself this year to not be afraid to be uncomfortable and it has brought me exciting successes.

photo 2

“Rochelle Delossantos” simply isn’t just my name but it is the heart of how I represent myself as a business driven, articulate and artful thinker fighting to create my point of view in the beauty industry.

Beauty products are more than collector’s items on my vanity they are memories and emotions that transform beyond their material purpose. Starting from my youth what I clinged to was beautiful pieces of luxury that told a story – they represent something beyond mere visual value. It has taken me multiple reflections to realize that the passion for beauty that I have is moved by the ideas of confidence, mystery and most of all provoking thoughts to otherwise ordinary material possessions.

Before I get too deep, what I will consciously put at the forefront of my purpose this year is putting my dreams before obstacles.

Cheers to a year of hard work, good timing and creative innovations in all aspects of my life.

photo 1

27 is looking pretty good to me! Pictured here wearing Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation + Pure Rosewater on an Original Beauty Blender for an airbrushed complexion. Make Up Forever and Mehron Makeup eyeshadows & Urban Decay Native Revolution Lipstick.

Full circle makeup experience

Just last night, one of my makeup artist dreams came true. 

When I was first starting my career in makeup, I met a kind woman who was a well repeated Dior counter manager in Orange County. She was kind, warm and very quick to connect with me. Before the position was open to interview, she secured my place on her team and the rest started a journey that brought vivic memories I would never trade. 

Inside one of the first peeks at working for an iconic beauty brand was a training manual which included an impressive bio of Pati Dubroff, who at the time was a Celebritiy Makeup Artist representing the Dior brand. I can remember reading about her in Allure and Voge as a young makeup lover then hoping this new opportunity would allow me to meet her in person. She was making an appearance for a masterclass event at a local counter but since I had just started working, I was unable to clear a time in my busy days of balancing work and school to attend. Years past and I never got the opportunity to meet her but continued to follow her career via media outlets and always admired her talent. 


*** Photo was taken on my iPhone5

I  was invited to check out a private preview of the new Make Up Forever Fall 2014 Artist Shadows at the Los Angeles location on Robertson Blvd. As I entered the event, I checked in and chose a spot toward the front of the room, sat down and sitting just three seats away from me was a gorgeous woman. I immediately recognized her face, whispered to my neighbor, “Is that Pati Dubroff?” She wasn’t certain (understandable since makeup artists are most known for their work and not their personal appearance) but my excitement could not be contained. I said, “Are you Pati Dubroff?” to which she responded ‘Yes’ with a smile. I said “I love you!” she said ‘I love you” and it literally made me so overjoyed to have her looking right at me. From then, we chatted for the best three minutes of my week and I took a photo with her that I will cherish forever. 

What I admire most about Pati Dubroff is that her talent as a makeup artist is unmatched, her work is so impactful and most importantly that her personality is real. She spoke on a panel last night with four incredible makeup artists as a collaboration for the Make Up Forever 30.30 campaign and reminisced about her first memory of discovering the Make Up Forever brand. She described her experience as coming ‘full circle’ to which I truly believe the moment I experienced meeting her there was a full circle one in my own life. It gave me flashbacks of how innocent my creative makeup ideas were as a young 18 year old eager to work hard. 

photoMore on the Make Up Forever 30 year anniversary 30.30 campaign in a post coming soon.

Until then, I just wanted to share such a memorable moment.

Thank you, Pati Dubroff for continuing to inspire me!