Today, my beautiful daughter hugged me and said ‘Mommy I’m thankful for my teacher and you and daddy, also Im thankful for my baby cousin Tinei and that you always teach me that girls can do anything. I love my mommy because she works hard and I see it.’ My heart melted and I wanted to cry because I’ve been feeling discouraged, frustrated & stressed lately and this little girl – my world, is telling me that she loves me through the challenges floating around in my mind. Of course, I secretly cried on the way home in the car but regrouped and remembered that sometimes it takes a humbling moment like a 5 year old wearing an indian head-piece complete with feathers to say the one thing I needed to complete my day.

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving!

6 things I am thankful for:

1. My husband supports me with all of my crazy dreams.

2. My daughter’s innocence and honesty are my constant source of happiness.

3. I have a family that knows me and love me even when I don’t admit it.

4. There are so many people in the beauty industry that share a mutual respect and love for what I do.

5. My lipstick collection – because it makes me happy.

6. That I’m young, ambitious & have a lot of connections.

You know you're a makeup artist when your daughter puts eyelashes on everything!

You know you’re a makeup artist when your daughter puts eyelashes on everything!

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