A recurring theme in the last few weeks of my working life has been the debate over making connections, more specifically in terms of the idea of a public self.


My public self is quite visible. Google my name and an assortment of editorial articles, blog posts and pageant photos from my early college years pop up – none of which I am ashamed of. I worked my butt off literally to look and act as a community leader confidently sharing my service working with various local organizations to earn scholarship money which contributed to earning my Bachelor’s in Communications. My editorial relationships with Public Relation Firms and beauty brand creators has further fueled my reputation to maintain my authority as a beauty expert and I’ve even landed jobs thanks to contacts made via blogging connections.

Thousands of people read my writing weekly and hundreds of people follow my instagram because they have interest in my point of view which boils down to my public self. In real life, I blurt out a cuss word maybe once a year, drinking is not what I do for fun, I don’t smoke, my religious viewpoints don’t take over my timeline and I have one tiny tattoo that is always hidden when at work. I work very hard to make sure that my private and public self reflect my true persona and that what you see is my reality.

In a conversation with a personal client, a few generations my senior, she mentioned that she wanted to protect her public self but in my experience, the road to paving the career of my dreams has been deeply impacted by making myself known publicly.The only thing I keep hidden is photos of my daughter and beyond that my life is an open book by choice. So this my friends makes me wonder, why should I feel bad for having a public self that matches my private self?

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