Just last night, one of my makeup artist dreams came true. 

When I was first starting my career in makeup, I met a kind woman who was a well repeated Dior counter manager in Orange County. She was kind, warm and very quick to connect with me. Before the position was open to interview, she secured my place on her team and the rest started a journey that brought vivic memories I would never trade. 

Inside one of the first peeks at working for an iconic beauty brand was a training manual which included an impressive bio of Pati Dubroff, who at the time was a Celebritiy Makeup Artist representing the Dior brand. I can remember reading about her in Allure and Voge as a young makeup lover then hoping this new opportunity would allow me to meet her in person. She was making an appearance for a masterclass event at a local counter but since I had just started working, I was unable to clear a time in my busy days of balancing work and school to attend. Years past and I never got the opportunity to meet her but continued to follow her career via media outlets and always admired her talent. 


*** Photo was taken on my iPhone5

I  was invited to check out a private preview of the new Make Up Forever Fall 2014 Artist Shadows at the Los Angeles location on Robertson Blvd. As I entered the event, I checked in and chose a spot toward the front of the room, sat down and sitting just three seats away from me was a gorgeous woman. I immediately recognized her face, whispered to my neighbor, “Is that Pati Dubroff?” She wasn’t certain (understandable since makeup artists are most known for their work and not their personal appearance) but my excitement could not be contained. I said, “Are you Pati Dubroff?” to which she responded ‘Yes’ with a smile. I said “I love you!” she said ‘I love you” and it literally made me so overjoyed to have her looking right at me. From then, we chatted for the best three minutes of my week and I took a photo with her that I will cherish forever. 

What I admire most about Pati Dubroff is that her talent as a makeup artist is unmatched, her work is so impactful and most importantly that her personality is real. She spoke on a panel last night with four incredible makeup artists as a collaboration for the Make Up Forever 30.30 campaign and reminisced about her first memory of discovering the Make Up Forever brand. She described her experience as coming ‘full circle’ to which I truly believe the moment I experienced meeting her there was a full circle one in my own life. It gave me flashbacks of how innocent my creative makeup ideas were as a young 18 year old eager to work hard. 

photoMore on the Make Up Forever 30 year anniversary 30.30 campaign in a post coming soon.

Until then, I just wanted to share such a memorable moment.

Thank you, Pati Dubroff for continuing to inspire me! 

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