I admit that since I got my hands on Ren Skincare Hot Cloth Cleanser, there is nothing more satisfying than washing my face and feeling the buttery soft skin post a good double cleanse. It may be the heat or multiple California drought warnings announced daily but the comfort of a good evening facial massage truly gives me a happy moment every night.


Though I do enjoy a Clarisonic cleanse, after trying this gorgeous rose infused cleansing treatment, my skin has been refreshed, supple and calm – something my Clarisonic does not deliver consistently.

How do I use the Ren Skincare Hot Cloth Cleanser?

On makeup days ( usually 5 or 6 days a week – I am a working makeup artist!) I pre cleanse by removing my eye makeup since waterproof products are a part of my routine. For that, at the moment Erno Laszlo and Elemis are my eye makeup removers of choice. Since sunscreen is a daily essential, even on no makeup days I would proceed with a double cleanse to purify my skin from any city pollution, sunscreen or makeup that is topically on my skin. The first cleanse I pump 2 pumps of Hot Cloth Cleanser into the palms of my hands and massage the product on my face, neck and eyes for a good 2-6 minutes in soft circular motions. After cleansing, I run the hot cloth with a quick shot of hot water and place it over my face and neck to remove the cleanser. This step breaks down oil and debris so well without irritation. Next, a second cleanse with only one pump of product concentrating on just my face is how I finish off my cleansing routine.

What is convenient about this therapeutic cleansing medium is that since you use hands instead of a device, the amount of pressure used to massage the skin is flexible and the act of massaging is very beneficial to the complexion. Using gentle motions stimulates blood flow giving an at home spa facial with essential notes of Ren Skincare’s signature Rosa Centefolia.

This product is suitable for all skin types and is available at Sephora and Sephora.com.

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