Sometimes I get a little overzealous and consume my calendar with multiple projects and have to remind myself that it is okay to have a moment to myself.

The last few days I really challenged myself to listen closely to what my daughter was saying without focusing on ten different things – which not surprisingly her comments are lighthearted and comical. What comes out of a five-year-old’s mouth and especially my beauty loving mini me always makes me laugh.

mommy & tessa

Here are three things my princess Tessa said in the last 10 days that describes our relationship:

1. “Mommy can you please make my hair super straight and put Morrocanoil in it for picture day?

2. (As I open a box of press samples) “Which one are you sharing with me mommy… I mean which one is mine to keep in my makeup station?”

3. “Do not wear a smokey eye again tomorrow Mommy that is 3 times already this week. How about a wing – but not to big okay!”

Yup. I’ve created a little monster; not to mention she did cry for a good fifteen minutes over me not letting her swatch a box of eyeliners. Is that weird?


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