I remember maybe 11 years ago roaming around a Sephora store and being really excited to see Urban Decay since it wasn’t a brand that was sold everywhere. At the time I was very experimental with makeup and was eager to see the hype around the 24/7 eyeliners. That day, I made my first Urban Decay purchase of an electric-turquoise blue 24/7 liner and a lavender-purple glitter liquid liner – of course in retro packaging but still amazing.

Yesterday, I received a package of 24/7 liners that I ordered with my UD Pro Discount-yay for makeup artist perks & 40% off!- and it totally brought me back to that first time so many years ago remembering what the Urban Decay brand really stood for. It was slightly rebellious, loud and totally innovative.

Today, it is surprising to see that ‘Naked’ is what is synonymous with UD in mainstream media as the roots of the brand are all about the edgy, music inspired raw makeup scene. Bright 24/7 liners and chunky, vibrant glitter are two products that many UD fans started with but I suppose as fan grow older there is a time for a muted ‘Naked’ moment. photo

With the new Electric Palette release, I hope all the young Urban fans can appreciate the homage to the original brand concept of making a statement and being original! Who knew makeup could be so nostalgic?


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