This last week was a challenging week from sending a much loved family member to his uplifted home in heaven to professional obstacles – there were many solemn moments of reflections for me to endure; not to mention nearly losing my voice from a traveling household cold.

A conversation a couple days ago brought me flashbacks to a heartbreaking professional conversation that happened in the previous year. I had tears remembering that gut wrenching feeling of someone you admire dearly saying the opposite of what you thought was going to be proclaimed. I may be young in age but my soul is mature and I will forever believe that my goals are attainable because I know myself.

In general, I consider myself someone with a strong will and thankfully news that truly frustrated me in the working environment did not only motivate me to think creatively but it brought me to great analytical thought over what my personal value truly is. So often I review products, ingredients and recap events but do not give myself a moment to soak in newfound accomplishments.

Though I felt defeated I am not one to stay down for long. I took a bold move in lieu of basking in disappointment and put my heart/soul onto paper for someone who did not immediately believe in my talents and I’m confident that she will not forget my name. As I discovered my passion at a young age, I decided to absorb all of life’s experiences and prepare for the moments of life when discouraged opportunities turn into points of difference between success and regret.

On that note, a new week has begun move with your heart and creative mind in tact and anything is tangible.

Good Night.

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