I’ve decided to start using a personal blog again partly to relieve stress and also because I miss it.  I wiped clean my old posts and want to start fresh.

Hello this is me:


When I was about 9 years old I vividly remember secretly deciding my career path. Of course I kept it to myself for many years but I just knew I would grow up to be Linda Wells, the Editor in Chief of Allure magazine, pouring my insights on the beauty world I’ve drooled over since I can remember. In my preteen years I snuck into my mom’s bedroom vanity and religiously read her monthly issues of Allure and Marie Claire fantasizing my future self being surrounded by luxury fragrances, makeup and pampering myself in high end spas.

Early on I recognized my skill for writing and creativity and pursued every opportunity to feed my passions for beauty, writing, and later on educating others on my skincare and makeup knowledge. To put my way through earning my Bachelor’s in Communications I worked part time at a Christian Dior Beauty counter, and with an unexpected chance of luck, I met my first mentor who taught me to multitask and pursue what was in my heart no matter what others thought. Strangely enough her name was Linda, well actually Lynda with a ‘y,’ and she connected with me on more than a working relationship. She was kind, supportive and nurtured my early entrepreneurial ideas. Part time turned into Counter Manager and then an upgrade to a higher volume Counter Manager role all in the scope of Dior’s whirlwind circle of fellow passionate people who craved the luxury beauty products as much as I did. In my last of the nearly six years at Dior I actively pursued steps to become an Account Coordinator but unfortunately the stars were not in line for me and it led me to leave to pursue a role in a flagship style boutique where I sacrificed less money and no title with the hopes of turning my natural drive into someday being a beauty educator. Over the years I’ve started multiple blogs, contributed to notable websites, painted the faces of some incredible clients and shared my love for skincare on countless canvases.

Sorry, long post but there’s more!

There is a memory of my daughter at 3 years old asking me what she should write down on her preschool classwork when the teacher asked what her mommy does for a living. “’Beauty writer, makeup artist, skincare educator, retail sales specialist, wife and mommy’  probably won’t fit on one line Tessa, but write anything you want because what really counted was that you know mommy was a hard worker who was following her dreams.’”

Perhaps it was the fact that I got married and became a mother at the young age of 21 that pushed me to gain strength in telling others what I really wanted in life.  I mustered up some brave energy somewhere to really focus on displaying my whole self; letting people into my mind (and into my makeup bag, bathroom vanity, and more) through my writing on Examiner.com where I can proudly say have built an international following and work closely with Public Relations Executives representing over 55 beauty brands. Some may say that would fulfill their passion but there is still a frustrating limbo I face daily. Readers, beauty big names and people across the globe who I never met or some briefly met, praise my work on the daily but here I am working part time at a boutique to sustain a steady cash flow, doing freelance makeup work, writing 24/7 and I’m not quite living the glam life I thought I would have from my 9 year old memory.

There is nothing I would trade for the sacrifices I’ve made in lieu of first and foremost being the best wife and mom I can be but there is always ‘Rochelle,’ the hustler hidden in all of life’s stresses. Would I have ended up in New York trying to intern with 100 girls wanting the same things? Maybe; but I know in my heart there’s a path for me that no one else will have.

Some days I surprise myself on where I find energy and organic ideas but writing and beauty have always been calming and slightly therapeutic for me. So now, I am 1000% putting it out in the universe. There is no one job title for me but my talents are far beyond the average 26 year old. Writing professionally outside of the comfort of my personal computer and letting the world in on my inspired thoughts will happen for me. For all those who have believed in me along the way, thank you for feeding my passion.

Linda Wells if you are out there, I still love you and would kill to see my name listed on the Allure masthead. Just saying.

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  1. Fantastic post! Great read and very inspiring. Everything you dream of is within reach and i wish you all the luck in the world on your journey.



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